We Lead as We Deserve…

Welcome to the state-of-the-art infrastructure at CLC High School (CHS), where learning meets excellence. Our campus is designed to provide a conducive environment for academic growth, holistic development, and innovation. Explore the key features that make CHS a distinguished educational institution:

Modern Classrooms:CHS boasts spacious and well-equipped classrooms, creating an optimal setting for effective teaching and learning. Our modern classrooms are designed to facilitate interactive sessions and dynamic engagement.
Laboratories: Experience hands-on learning in our cutting-edge laboratories. From well-equipped science labs to advanced computer labs, CHS provides students with the resources to explore, experiment, and apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.
Library Resources: The CHS library is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing a vast collection of books, reference materials, and digital resources. It serves as a hub for academic research, self-study, and a quiet space for students to delve into the world of literature.
Sports Facilities: CHS believes in the holistic development of students, and our sports facilities reflect this commitment. The campus features well-maintained sports grounds and facilities, encouraging students to participate in a variety of physical activities, fostering teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.
Hostel Facilities: For students who require accommodation, CHS provides well-maintained hostel facilities. Our residential spaces prioritize safety, comfort, and a conducive environment for focused study, creating a home away from home.
Expansive Assembly Ground:CHS takes pride in its vast assembly ground, providing ample space for school gatherings, prayer sessions, and various events. This open area serves as a focal point for fostering a sense of community and unity among students, creating a dynamic space for important school activities and assemblies.
Technology Integration:Embrace the digital age with CHS's technologically advanced infrastructure. From smart classrooms to high-speed internet connectivity, we provide the tools necessary to keep pace with the evolving demands of modern education.
Security Measures: The safety of our students is a top priority. CHS employs robust security measures, including surveillance systems and trained personnel, to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for all.

“Explore the exceptional infrastructure at CHS, designed to inspire learning, foster creativity, and empower students to excel in their educational journey. Join us in this vibrant and conducive learning environment where every aspect is tailored to support your growth and success.”